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Shoulder Surgeon

Your shoulder is made up of bone, cartilage, labrum, tendons, muscle and ligaments. When these structures are damaged you may experience pain which is often worse at night, reduced range of movement, muscle weakness, instability and possibly symptoms radiating down your arm.

Dr Hirner provides a comprehensive shoulder service to manage all shoulder problems. He utilizes multiple technique to manage shoulder problems. These techniques include ultrasound guided injections, arthroscopic surgery, conventional open surgery and he uses patient specific instrumented guides for shoulder replacement surgery.

Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder Anatomy

The picture attached demonstrates the anatomy of the shoulder. The shoulder is a ball and shallow socket joint. The socket is deepened by the labrum which surrounds the entire socket. The joint is held together by surrounding ligaments. The rotator cuff muscles and the other muscles surrounding the joint enable the shoulder to move in multiple directions.

The end of the collarbone forms a joint (acromioclavicular joint)with the adjacent bone. Although there is only a small amount of movement in this joint, when it is injured or arthritic it may cause significant problems.

Shoulder Conditions

Dr Hirner treats all shoulder conditions and the list below is contains some  of the most common problems he encounters

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Please find below Dr.Hirner’s rehabilitation protocols for conditions of the shoulder:

Rotator Cuff Tear

Shoulder Instability

Other Shoulder Conditions

Shoulder Arthritis / Cuff Arthropathy

Non-operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative Instructions

  • Shoulder surgery post-operative instructions



Northland Orthopaedic Center Management LTD is a shareholder in the Northland MRI scan. Unfortunately this is the only private MRI scanner in Northland. If however you would prefer to be referred to an alternative provider in Auckland please inform Dr Hirner and his staff will make an appropriate referral.

Kensington Hospital has received funding from Zimmer Biomet and Lima for the Northland Orthopaedic Training Fellowship in shoulder & knee surgery. Dr Hirner has lectured for Smith & Nephew, Arthrex, Zimmer Biomet.

Dr Hirner is a trustee of the Northland Orthopaedic Charitable Research Trust.