Arthroscopic Anterior Stabilization

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Performed for recurrent anterior dislocation or instability

Pre-operative rehabilitation is advisable

Post op

Day 1 - 6 weeks Sling for 6weeks
Teach axillary hygiene
Teach postural awareness and scapular setting Core stability exercises as appropriate Do not force or stretch
No combined abduction & external rotation
6 - 12 Weeks Regain scapula & glenohumeral stability working for shoulder joint control rather than range Gradually increase ROM
Increase proprioception through open & closed chain exercise
Progress core stability exercises
Ensure and treat posterior tightness, if required Incorporate sports-specific rehabilitation Plyometrics and pertubation training


Week 6 - 12 Active elevation to pre op level
Week 12 Minimum 80% range of external rotation compared to asymptomatic side may take longer after open Latarjet
Normal movement patterns throughout range
Failure to achieve milestones Referral to Marc Hirner

Return to functional activities

Return to work Sedentary job: as tolerated Manual job: 3 months
Driving 6-8 weeks
Swimming Breaststroke: 6 weeks
Freestyle: 12 weeks
Golf 3 Months
Lifting Light lifting can begin at 6 weeks. Avoid lifting heavy items for 3 months.
Contact Sport E.g. Horse riding, football, martial arts, racket sports and
rock climbing: 3 months