Joint Replacement Clinic

Joint Replacement Clinic

In a healthy joint, smooth cartilage covers the ends of the bone. The cartilage acts as a cushion and allows the two surfaces to glide easily over each other. The surrounding muscles support the joint, allowing it to move freely.

Arthritis causes the cartilage to become damaged and worn. The bone ends  become roughened and irregular and eventually the bones within the joint rub together. This, together with the development of small breaks in the bone, causes pain and stiffness. In addition pain often interrupts sleep and may interfere with simple daily activities.

Arthritic joints can often be successfully treated with a total joint replacement. There are however less invasive methods available to treat arthritis. These treatment options can be used prior to the joint deteriorating to the point that they require replacement.

Dr Hirner runs a joint replacement clinic which is dedicated to the management of the arthritic shoulder, hip and knee joints. In addition if you have already had a joint replacement which is problematic, Dr Hirner will thoroughly investigate the problem to find a solution.

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